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Quotes I started having second thoughts about spending money on a doula because I was feeling confident -thanks to a great childbirth class. She taught me how to breath, positions to encourage the baby to move down, and ways to cope. She helped my husband be involved, coached him on how to support me, and gave him breaks. She made sure we were both eating, drinking, and resting. She was literally by our sides round the clock caring for our every need. During the most intense part of my labor, she helped me focus my energy on what was important. My baby had to be rushed to the NICU. Leigh stayed by my side for hours until we were settled, checked on us frequently over the next several days, and even did our laundry. She treated us as friends, not just clients. Her knowledge and support was worth every single penny! My birth would not have had a happy memory if it weren't for her, nor will I ever doubt the value of a doula again! Quotes
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Quotes If you are looking for someone who has experience and has an answer for all your questions, Leigh is the right match. My wife and I had the opportunity to have Leigh as our doula as well as our child birth education instructor. It was awesome. We were able to go into the delivery with confidence of what we were going into and a basic understanding of the terminology used. Leigh has a great ability of giving you the information you need and then letting you and your partner make the decision. In delivery, Leigh knew everything there was to know about the hospital, staff, as well as techniques to make natural childbirth (or any type of delivery method) a great experience. We would recommend Leigh to anyone! Quotes
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Quotes I am a Registered Nurse, I was concerned that if I came to the hospital with a doula and an all natural birth plan that I would instantly rub the nursing staff the wrong way, but boy was I wrong. Leigh was an absolute dream. She came to our home multiple times prior to heading to the hospital and was key in helping my husband be my rock and support. Most importantly she was extremely kind and considerate with the nursing staff. She was professional and worked with them seamlessly to ensure that everyone's job that night was easier and that I received the most amazing care. I can confidently say from one nurse to another that there is nothing better than a knowledgeable, respectful, and kind doula. Quotes

Quotes We would like to thank our doula, Leigh Short, who went above and beyond to give us the preparation & support we needed for our wonderful home birth of our two children. Leigh used Hypnobabies techniques that were extremely helpful in our birthing time to keep us relaxed & in control. Beyond the birth, Leigh has continued to give us support and advice. Quotes
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Quotes "I really appreciated your intuitiveness at my birth. You seemed to know just what I needed before I had a chance to ask for it. I felt very comfortable to having you there, especially with your smiling face to add to the joy of the occasion." Quotes
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Quotes "She mediated and worked well with the nurses. She helped me know when I was in labor as well. Most importantly, she helped us strengthen our marriage through our experience. Quotes
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Quotes When I was pregnant with my first thought doulas were just for the crunchy chewy type or women whose mothers couldn't be there for the birth. That pregnancy ended in an emergency c-section after a long labor. From the moment my son was born I knew the next baby would be vbac. I also knew if I was going to be successful, I interviewed several doulas and couldn't find the right fit until I spoke with Leigh. Everything she said just put my mind ease. I had been a bit nervous about telling my husband that I wanted a doula this time but from the first meeting he was right on board and in the end he may have appreciated her guidance even more than I did! It came down to the last push but I was able to have my vbac. Her experience combined with her positive attitude made me feel at ease even when things started to seem impossible. She helped my husband and I navigate the birthing process together without once making it feel like there was an extra person in the room. Quotes
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Quotes We loved the calm presence she had at all of our meetings, the support she provided as we made many changes to our birth plans, and the experience she brought to our birthing time. It was quite the journey, and Leigh's knowledge and support were invaluable to us as we prepared to welcome our twin boys. Quotes
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Quotes Our birthing was absolutely beautiful and I'm so thankful for her help during the pregnancy, birth, and post partum. Leigh has such a bright, beautiful spirit that just emanates from her; you can't be in a bad mood around her which is really helpful during transition/transformation. :) She is educated, kind, understanding, and patient and is the perfect person to help anyone experience child birth. Quotes
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Quotes When we hired Leigh she asked me how she could best help me. I told her to help me by helping my husband. She went above and beyond in helping him feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about VBAC. He was so grateful and when the time came, he did fabulous I felt that my space was protected and I was surrounded with love and encouragement. I did it. I did it because I was reminded I could do it. Quotes
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